Wintech’s Insulation Cutting Machine

Cutting insulation manually is a labor-intensive process. It is also a dangerous one. Cutting insulating materials like Armaflex or K-flex requires precise, safe cutting techniques to avoid damaging the product or hurting workers’ fingers.

Wintech’s CNC insulation contour cutter can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of your production. This machine uses an abrasive wire that is continuously controlled by computer numeric control (aka CNC). This system is capable of cutting many different types of insulation, including rigid PU polyisocyanurate, EPS, phenolic, vermiculite and perlite, calcium silicate and rock wool.

This insulated foam cutter can also be used for creasing the ends of long lengths of insulation to make them into cuffs. This additional operation is carried out on the same machines as the cutting, using a second pair of feed rollers to press down and firmly fold over the insulation to make the cuffs.

Having the ability to cut insulation quickly and accurately saves time, money and resources. It can increase material utilization rates and prevent waste from out-of-tolerance parts, which may require costly scrapping or reworking. It also reduces risk of injury due to the handling and cutting of sharp blades.

Slice’s patent-pending ceramic blades are able to effortlessly cut fiberglass insulation, or acoustic cotton, and can last up to 11 times longer than steel. Choose the Manual Industrial Knife or Auto-Retractable Industrial Knife to easily cut insulation. insulation cutting machine

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