What to Look For in a Dental Chair

The dental chair is the center of patient treatment. A quality dental chair provides a comfortable patient experience and facilitates a wide range of clinical procedures. It also supports the dentist’s posture and comfort, which is critical to preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

One of the most important things a dentist looks for in a new chair is the ergonomic design. For example, the chair back should be thin and narrow to allow them to get close enough to work without bending over or straining. It’s also important that the chair is stable, and it should have a heavy base made from metal or thick pressure-formed plastic. These materials are more likely to withstand the rigors of daily use and cleaning, and they will last longer than thinner plastics.

The chair should have an articulating headrest and be designed to support patients of all sizes. In addition, the chair should have a foldout armrest for easy entry and exit. It should also be able to recline and raise the seat, and it should have an automatic combination button to help the dentist save time by minimizing movement.

Another important feature is a chair that is designed to promote healthy posture for the dentist and assistant. Many musculoskeletal disorders, such as low-back pain and spinal disc herniations, are related to poor operator posture. Research shows that sitting with thighs parallel to the floor or at a 90-degree angle can cause the hips to rotate backward, creating an unhealthy C-shaped spine. A chair with a tilting seat that flexes and adjusts to the dentist’s movements can help maintain a natural spine curve and reduce spinal pressure.

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