What is a SARMs Supplement?

A sarms supplement is a compound that can help build muscle mass and enhance performance. It can also help you burn fat and improve your health. It is available online and in some nutritional supplements stores. However, you should always use it under the guidance of a health care professional or fitness expert to make sure that you are using it safely and in accordance with the recommended dosage.

SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) are not currently approved as drugs in the United States, but they can be purchased online and are often labeled as “research chemicals not for human consumption.” These products can be very dangerous and are a serious health risk for anyone who takes them. Many people have reported adverse reactions after taking unregulated SARMs, and some of these have been life-threatening. The FDA has issued numerous warnings against companies selling unapproved SARM products, and has pursued criminal actions for distributors of these products.

In the bodybuilding and fitness communities, SARMs are used in doses up to 10-20 times higher than clinically tested amounts. They are used for the potential to increase lean muscle mass and boost athletic performance, but the long-term effects on health have not been studied. Some of these compounds, such as ostarine (enobosarm), may damage the liver and prostate gland in high doses. Other compounds, such as lisandrol (LGD-4033) and ibutamoren MK-677, have been associated with high blood pressure, testicle shrinkage, and joint problems.

While research on genuine SARMs is promising, they are still years away from being able to be prescribed. As a result, many people are turning to illegal SARMs bought online in order to achieve the bodybuilding and fitness benefits that they want. These compounds can be very potent, and are therefore dangerous if taken in large doses.

Legal SARMs alternatives such as Testol 140 from CrazyBulk can be a safer and more effective way to reach your goals. These supplements contain key ingredients that can boost natural human growth hormone production. They also have a lower chance of negative interactions than genuine SARMs.

Many bodybuilders choose to use sarms for their ability to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat without affecting testosterone levels. However, you should never take more than the recommended doses. Taking too much SARMs can cause unwanted side effects such as bloating, water retention, or hair loss. Some users have even experienced heart attack, stroke, or liver disease.

Unlike steroids, SARMs are tissue-specific and dissociate anabolic from androgenic activity. They can affect the androgen receptors in skeletal muscles, but not those in the bones or prostate. As such, they are likely to be a safer option for women than steroids, although you should still take them at a low dose and give your body plenty of time between cycles. SARMs can also interact with some medications, so it’s important to speak with your doctor before beginning a new cycle. sarms supplement

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