What Does a Commercial Locksmith Do?

Commercial locksmiths are security specialists who work on locking mechanisms and related equipment found in office buildings, shopping centers, factories and other commercial properties. Their job involves running risk assessments and providing recommendations to improve business security. Their services include professional installation, repair and maintenance of locks, rekeying, key duplication, unlocking and creating master key systems. They use high-quality durable commercial-grade hardware from reputable manufacturers like Rofu, LCN, Dorma, Adams Rite, Kaba Ilco, Hager and CX5 high-security locks.

Sometimes a business may need its locks replaced, especially if it has recently moved into a new building or if the existing ones are old and worn out. They can also help install safes which are used to secure confidential information, expensive equipment and other items that need to be kept away from theft.

Lock rekeying is something that is quite often needed in commercial properties as they tend to have more turnover when it comes to tenants. A commercial locksmith can rekey the locks and render the old keys useless so that only the new keys will open them. They can also upgrade the locks to higher-grade ones that are able to resist more brute force from intruders.

They can also help with installing exit bars or panic bars in places of business so that people can escape quickly and easily in the event of a fire or other emergency. They can also provide advice on other security improvements like installing alarms and cameras which will increase the overall level of protection. Commercial locksmith Chicago

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