Wellness Coaching – A Powerful Tool For Better Health

Wellness coaching is a powerful tool for people who want to live healthier lives. Often offered through health insurance plans, these coaches provide the extra support and accountability needed to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

A wellness coach can help you make a plan to create positive habits, set goals, and provide resources. They can also teach you how to listen to your body and become an expert in what makes it feel amazing as well as what depletes it.

Unlike a nutritionist or physical therapist who would make specific diet and exercise suggestions, a wellness coach works with the whole person. They are trained to look at all aspects of wellness including eating, sleeping, moving, stress management, and emotional well-being. A good wellness coach will recognize that no one area of wellness is more important than another, but rather all are connected and can impact each other.

The primary goal of a wellness coach is to help people identify and overcome barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. They work to build self-esteem through health education and reflection, and a belief in the client’s resourcefulness. They may use tools such as motivational interviewing, self-determination theory, positive psychology, and social cognition.

A Wellness coach can be helpful for individuals who are struggling to find a balance between their personal and professional life. They can provide the support and accountability needed to stick with a healthy lifestyle plan even when the demands of work or family get in the way. They can also help you navigate the complexities of our current healthcare system, making it easier to access the services you need and avoid overutilization.

Many people know what they need to do for good health—get enough sleep, cook nutritious meals most nights, take time to stretch, sweat, or meditate, and spend some quality time in nature. But putting those things into practice isn’t always easy. Life gets in the way, and it’s easy to fall back on old habits.

If you’re stuck in a health and wellness rut, getting the support and accountability you need could be as simple as setting up an appointment with a wellness coach. Whether they’re part of your health insurance plan or a stand-alone service, a wellness coach can give you strategies for overcoming obstacles and the motivation to keep going.

To learn more about the benefits of wellness coaching and to find a coach near you, visit the MHN website. You can also ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues, or search online. Once you’ve found the perfect holistic wellness coach for you, schedule a call or virtual session using the MHN app. These sessions can last up to an hour and are free of charge. You can also reach out to a coach through instant messaging or email for additional support as needed. During these sessions, you can discuss your needs and goals, and set short-term and long-term goals together. You can then work together to identify any barriers and re-frame the obstacles you face, as well as create a roadmap of the actions you need to take to move forward. wellness coaching services

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