Vietnam Trip – Things to Do Before Your Vietnam Trip

The best thing to do before your Vietnam trip is to research the main attractions and find out what events are taking place in the places you’re going. This will help you avoid the crowds and it’s also a good idea to book transport, accommodation and tours in advance especially if you are travelling during popular months such as July and August on the central coast or around Tet (Lunar New Year) in late January or early February.

Getting around in Vietnam can be a bit of an adventure as there aren’t many buses in the big cities and you may need to take a taxi if you don’t want to walk or you have lots of luggage. Taxi prices are relatively reasonable but if you want to save a little, I recommend downloading the rideshare app Grab Car which is really common in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is a young country with a vibrant culture and modern city centres like Ho Chi Minh City, the former Saigon, are packed with restaurants and nightlife activities. It’s a great place to get an overview of the whole nation and it’s also home to some of Vietnam’s top museums including the War Remnants Museum.

In the north you’ll find the stunning Dong Van Karst Plateau which is a Unesco World Heritage Site and offers a stunning mix of narrow valleys and rocky mountains. It’s a great spot for hiking, cycling or motorbiking and you can visit villages and learn about local life with a homestay in the village of Sapa. 하노이 붐붐 추천 및 주의사항

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