Types of Voice Overs

The voice acting industry is a vast and varied one. It encompasses everything from a simple commercial to a full-on character role in a video game. It can involve short and long term projects, depending on the type of work that has been commissioned (a twenty-second TV commercial might take only a few minutes to record but a video game may take months to produce).

The types of voice overs are endless, but there are a few key areas that voice artists often specialise in. These include web explainers, social media videos, television and radio ads, corporate films or videos and e-learning content.

UK based, warm, friendly and natural voice with wide vocal age range suitable for characters, commercials and narration. Can be calm and authoritative through to sexy and fun. Works out of her own broadcast spec studio every day.

An experienced seasoned voice artist with a rich and expressive British accent. Works out of her own ISDN studio everyday and can provide recordings for commercials, narration, e-learning and phone systems.

Almost every business has some sort of answer messaging – whether it’s an IVR menu system, a phone on hold message or simply the recorded greeting that plays when you call them. They can usually be recorded in house but most companies prefer to use a professional.

Documentary narration is another form of voice over that’s becoming more popular, thanks to the rise in popularity of documentaries and their ability to engage, inform and inspire. Sir David Attenborough is a great example of this type of voice over, but there are many other talented artists working in this area too. voiceovers.uk

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