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Tungsten rings are incredibly durable, scratch-resistant, and hypoallergenic. They are also relatively affordable compared to other metals like gold and platinum. Because of this, tungsten rings have become a popular option for couples and fashionistas alike. But, with so many options out there, it’s difficult to know which tungsten ring is best for you. To help narrow your search, this article will outline the different types of tungsten rings and what to look for when shopping for one.

Tungsten is found primarily in the minerals wolframite and scheelite. It’s one of the densest metals and has a melting point nearly twice as high as that of gold. This makes tungsten ideal for use in cutting tools, drills, and other industrial applications. It’s also used to make filaments in incandescent light bulbs.

When used in jewelry, tungsten is usually paired with carbon to form tungsten carbide (WC). This material has a high resistance to wear and tear and can be polished to produce a beautiful shine. However, WC is not as malleable as titanium, making it more challenging to reshape and sculpt into rings and other jewelry. Despite these challenges, tungsten is still preferred over titanium for its superior strength and toughness.

Because of its hardness, tungsten is also brittle, making it more likely to shatter or crack when struck. This is why it’s recommended to only wear tungsten rings in situations where you can safely protect the ring from impact.

The most common type of tungsten jewelry is tungsten carbide. It’s made with 80-85% tungsten and 15% carbon, often with a binder like nickel or cobalt. The carbon helps the tungsten retain its shape and gives it a smooth finish. In addition, the binder helps the tungsten hold its polish and resist corrosion.

Another common type of tungsten jewelry is black tungsten. This type of tungsten is produced by layering and fusing various colored metals on top of the tungsten base. As a result, black tungsten can be more expensive than regular tungsten.

One last important point to keep in mind is that some tungsten rings may contain cobalt instead of nickel as a binding agent. While this is not necessarily a problem, you should be aware of it before purchasing a tungsten ring. Cobalt can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and other health issues with extended wear. For this reason, we only carry tungsten rings that are crafted with cobalt-free tungsten carbide. tungsten rings wholesale supplier

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