Tips For Lighting Conservatories – And Heating and Cooling Them

Choosing conservatory lighting is more difficult than doing so for internal rooms of the home. The lights in a glass-roofed conservatory have a different type of ceiling to contend with and then there are the reflections created by the glazing that will magnify the lighting.

One of the great joys of conservatory living is being under the stars at night and overhead lighting will spoil your enjoyment of this. What’s more, you will have to concern yourself with running cables to light fittings that would in a room with a solid ceiling be hidden from view. Exposed cables can be unsightly, so you will need to ask your conservatory designer or builder to find ways of concealing the wiring in the beams supporting the glass roof.

A much better plan is to concentrate on having illumination at a lower level and using lamps for reading, working and other activities. This will create a much cosier atmosphere and on many evenings in the year you will also get illumination from the moon and the stars as well.

Just make sure that when specifying your conservatory that you ask for plenty of floor or wall sockets to be included at regular intervals around the conservatory; you don’t want to live with trails of unsightly leads across the floor.

Also ask your electrician to create a ring so that you can switch all the lights on when entering the conservatory, but ensure that each lamp is independently controlled so you can vary the lighting depending on the mood you wish to create. Having one or two lamps with dimmer controls will make this easier.

If you do have ceiling lighting installed it’s a good idea to incorporate them with conservatory ceiling fans that let you reverse the direction of the blades. This will allow you to draw warm air upwards and through roof vents in summer and circulate rising warm air throughout the conservatory in winter, helping you make the conservatory a more comfortable space to spend time in both in summer and winter.

By incorporating fans and lights in a single unit, you will also save having to duplicate electric wiring to multiple units.

You can purchase ceiling fans to match the design and style of your conservatory whether it be traditional, Victorian or contemporary and modern.

Installing garden lighting is also a good idea and will let you enjoy views of some of your planting and landscaping and create the appearance of being in a much larger space. Solar powered lighting is easy to install, requires no cabling and no electricity! But if you do have electric powered lighting outside, make sure you can control it from a switch inside your conservatory. conservatory roof replacement cost

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