The NZM350 Laundry Pods Packaging Machine

In an era when pollution has become a major part of the global consciousness, companies have shifted towards more sustainable materials. The packaging industry is one of the biggest users of plastic polymers, and while it has resisted change, growing public awareness has prompted them to search for alternatives. Enter polyvinyl alcohol film, or PVA, which has the potential to replace many plastic products. PVA is biodegradable and water-soluble, meaning that if used in packaging, it won’t harm the environment.

Laundry Pods Packaging Machine
With the ability to pack up to 800 laundry pods per minute, this machine is ideal for encapsulating detergent in PVA film. It enables precise production, with deviations below 1%. Additionally, the rotary drum design of this machine enables it to be highly efficient.

The NZM350 embodies the ideal blend of efficiency and affordability. Its compact size makes it easy to maneuver, and it can fit into any working space. Furthermore, it offers various payment options, including T/T, to suit your business needs.

The NZM350 is a high-speed, cost-effective laundry pods packaging machine that combines precision with speed. It is designed to handle a variety of detergents, and its drum-type design makes it easy to operate. It also features a high-speed discharge process, which helps to increase productivity. Moreover, it has a low-temperature sealing process that ensures a high level of safety for the pods. This ensures that they remain stable during transportation, and it helps prevent premature dissolution and contamination. polyva

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