The Beauty and History of the City of Calais

There are few destinations across the world that standout as the perfect location for the short break market, as the city of Calais. Scenic, beautiful, and with a vast history, the city has grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations for young travellers and old romantics. Past the white cliffs of Dover, overlooking the narrowest point of the English Channel, the city is the largest in the department of Pas de Calais. Since the middle Ages, it has been one of the major ports of communication between England and France.

Over the years, it has grown into a popular tourist attraction. With the perfect blend of historical sites and modern entertainment, it has a lot to offer to visitors. It is particularly enchanting for tourists with an inclination towards old history and romantic literature. Such individuals would be drawn towards the legend of the Burghers of Calais, and the old churches constructed in gothic styles. Art lovers would consider a visit to Rodin’s famous bronze depiction of the event, a necessary part of the tour. The Flemish style town hall and its ancient belfry remain a point of attraction for many tourists. The climate remains oceanic and very temperate. This adds to the comfort and cosy nature of the region.

Though the city is considerably smaller, than Paris, it is filled with various attractions that will hold the attention of travellers. Bellignies is one such place that is a pilgrimage for art lovers. The paintings housed in this town are a memory of the ancient Roman culture. Hondscoote is a great destination for lovers of music and art festivals. The city of Wimille houses military exhibitions and can offer some insight into the ancient art of weaponry. Among the many sightseeing destinations, the Calais channel tunnel is a marvellous sight. The tunnel remains the foremost work of architecture, and has served to bridge the English Channel and make travel easier over the years.

The city is also known for its beautiful hotels spread across the city. They offer a fabulous respite for travellers after an exhausting journey through the various sights. The hotels in Calais provide comfortable rooms with cosy atmosphere in addition to sumptuous food, excellent pubs and spas. During the holiday season, these hotels offer a number of discounts and rebates for tourists. This historical city also offers travellers a vibrant nightlife to enjoy. Entertaining discos, charming bars, casinos, delicious wines and more will make travellers enjoy the sights better. The rise of tourism has also boosted the development of the shopping industry. The region has seen a spurt in the rise of shopping malls and facilities catering to the requirements of customers from across the world.

In order to enjoy the tourist attractions of the charming city, it is advisable to make reservations in advance. Millions of people visit this destination to enjoy short break vacation every year. The hotels in the city fill up fast, and hence, it would be advisable to check for the best hotels in the city. Conduct an online search to find the special offers posted by the short break destinations in France and Belgium. Customers can find affordable deals through the Internet as well. Willamette Valley tours

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