Spanish Golden Visa Lawyer

We have hundreds of people who have trusted us and have obtained the Spanish Golden Visa through our services!

We strive to comply with all the basic aspects of the process of obtaining the Golden Visa in Spain. It is a great opportunity to work and establish a business without geographical limitations in a country full of opportunities and quality of life.

We advise foreign investors interested in obtaining Spanish citizenship by investment. We help you go to the real estate investment area and approve your specialized professional profiles. The Golden Visa law allows foreign investors to obtain residence and Spanish citizenship thanks to their investment in real estate. The resolution of your cases can be quick and easy.

The main objective of the Golden Visa is to allow you to reunite your family and obtain an incomparable standard of living and quality of life in Spain. It also allows you to move throughout the Schengen area without having to pay your immigration payments.

Thanks to this permit as an investor, you will be able to work and establish your business worldwide in a country with important commercial markets, as well as reunite your family in an enriched and living place. You can also visit your real estate property at any time and manage it with complete freedom and conventionality.

As an investor, you establish yourself in Spain and obtain your residence permit and citizenship, as well as your political and labor rights. We work hard to ensure that all of this runs smoothly, and we’re here to help if you need help with your particular situation.

We are specialists in the processing of the Golden Visa. We help you from the initiative to obtain residence to cover all the necessary tasks to approve your real estate profiles.

We advise, manage and monitor your application and resolution of all judicial instances at the same time. It is more effective for you and your families through our immigration lawyers.

We are specialists in processing the Golden Visa for investors and their families. We help you, manage and resolve all your judicial and legal instances.

We are one of the most important firms in the sector. Our immigration lawyers in Spain work with clients worldwide, and have obtained the Golden Visa through our excellent services. abogado visa dorada españa

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