Shoe Size Converter – Convert Foot Length Into Shoe Size

When shopping for shoes online or in stores abroad, knowing your true shoe size is crucial to avoid the stress of having to return a pair that isn’t the right fit. We’ve created a handy shoe size converter to help you shop for shoes from all over the world, no matter what sizing system is used.

The converter converts your feet in inches into international shoe sizes based on the ISO formula for foot length – in centimetres. Enter your shoe size to get the corresponding foot length in centimetres and the conversion to different shoe sizing systems – including European, American, Australian, Asian, Mexico and Japan.

Different shoe sizing systems use different starting points and allowances for manufacturing, which can lead to significant differences in sizes when comparing different brands or even different styles within the same brand. For example, US shoe sizes can vary by 0.5 and 2 sizes between men’s and women’s styles.

To find your true US shoe size, measure the length of your foot in inches (without socks) and then look up your shoe size in the table above. It is also helpful to measure both feet, as it is not uncommon for one foot to be longer than the other. Also remember that feet swell throughout the day, so try on shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest. Lastly, make sure the shoes fit your toes comfortably, but leave room for your toes to move when walking.

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