Sgvape Singapore Shop – Vape Products, Disposables, Devices & Pods

Sgvape Singapore Shop | Vape Products, Disposables, Devices & Pods
A reputable e-cigarette company, SGVAPE offers world class products for all vaping needs. Their selection includes a wide range of devices from beginner-friendly kits to more advanced options that are designed for experienced users. They also carry a wide variety of e-liquid flavors, including classics like tobacco and menthol as well as more unique offerings like mango and lychee.

The devices are popular among youths and despite claims by some manufacturers that their products are safer than traditional cigarettes, there is no definitive proof that they are safe. The liquid in the pods contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance that can be harmful if used long term. Additionally, the flavouring and other chemicals in vaporisers can release harmful compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene that can cling to lung tissue and potentially cause respiratory diseases.

Currently, the only way to legally buy these devices in Singapore is through licensed vendors or by importing them into the country. The government is trying to crack down on the sale of vaporisers through social media sites such as Carousell and Instagram. It has also teamed up with these platforms to monitor illegal sales and ownership of these devices, and has caught over 465 people so far this year for selling or possessing them. However, it is difficult to legislate on something that the governing body has so little knowledge of. That is why a stiff ban may be the best option until more research is done on the safety of these devices. Sgvape

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