Selling Skills for B2B Sales

Selling skills are vital to business success. Whether the sales team is selling products, services or ideas, the ability to communicate well and understand the customer’s needs are essential components of successful relationships. Salespeople are trusted advisors who help businesses find the right solutions to their pain points and create value in their organizations.

Nearly everyone has a story to tell about a great salesperson who made the buying decision easy. These stories often describe salespeople who understood the client’s business, asked relevant questions and listened (not just talked), connected the product or service to stated and unstated needs and were highly effective in building rapport.

Developing and maintaining these selling skills is critical to helping your salespeople meet their sales goals and build long-term business success. However, there are many different selling skills that can be utilized by salespeople, and it’s important to understand which ones will best suit your salespeople and the unique selling situations they face.

The field of sales has identified four areas and seven dimensions of seller skills that affect sales performance in B2B settings for tangible products. These include interpersonal abilities, including communication and presentation skills; sales-related knowledge; salesmanship; and adaptiveness.

One key selling skill is the ability to demonstrate that the product or service will yield a return on investment. This can be done by providing examples and details about how a company’s products or services have been used by past customers to achieve the desired results. It’s also important to remind buyers of any tax savings they might enjoy from the purchase of certain products or services. Freelance

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