Seadoo Jetski GTX Limited 300 Reveals Seadoo Jetski’s Innovations

Over the years, seadoo jetski has been at the forefront of watercraft innovation. The company’s personal watercraft (PWC) engineers have more than two hundred and fifty patents to their name and the brand has won ten National Marine Manufacturers Association innovation awards. In addition to the renowned Rotax engine, the company’s hull design, deck, saddle, and stowage all showcase a wealth of clever engineering.

The company’s latest iteration, the GTX Limited 300, doesn’t just make a few changes; it re-envisions what a Sea-Doo PWC should be. For example, a revolutionary new hull and deck design provides more stability at rest while a re-designed iBR brake system reduces the number of handlebar strokes required to stop the craft by up to 160 feet. And a re-engineered Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) feature automatically adjusts the power delivery for fuel economy, maximum performance, or waterskiing.

Two and three seat models are available with a choice of power rates from 110 to 260 horsepower. Three-seaters are much more stable in rough water, making them better suited for towing skiers and tubes. They also allow you to safely transport a family member on the back. Two-seaters are more maneuverable and ideal for shorter trips or on smoother water, but they aren’t as stable in rough conditions.

Other features on this model include OPAS (off-power assisted steering) and the Learning Key system, which allows first time riders to learn how to operate their craft safely. Plus, a new 25.3 US gal (92.5 l) rear storage and a front storage compartment that’s almost large enough to sleep in help you carry everything needed for a day on the water.

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