Rechtsanwalt Hattingen

At Rechtsanwalt Hattingen we provide our team with a wide range of legal services in various areas of the law.

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, dedicated to the delivering a high level of professional service.

Unsere team offers a broad range of specialized knowledge and expertise in all areas of commercial law.

Our focus is on our clients’ success and that of their business, primarily by providing advice, support and representation in the following areas:

Corporate/M&A Hinsicht

In this area we represent and advise our clients at every stage of the transactional process from the earliest stages of the project through to the successful completion and closure.

The key to our success is the understanding and implementation of a consistent strategy, which takes into account all facets of the project and the client’s strategic plans.

We provide a comprehensive range of advisory services to our clients in the fields of private and public sector transactions, including drafting and negotiation of contracts and implementing corporate governance structures.

Our team has extensive experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions, especially in respect to private equity investments.

This requires a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and regulatory framework in order to ensure that our clients’ business goals are met.

Moreover, we have a strong background in representing our clients before courts of law and the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

In particular, we advise on complex commercial transactions, especially in relation to cross-border transactions.

We also provide specialist legal advice on a variety of issues, such as the protection of intellectual property and the development of new technology.

Our legal work in this area is rooted in our understanding of the interplay between economic and political factors, which is why we are a firm advocate for the interests of our clients and their businesses.

At the same time, we strive to keep up with the latest developments and innovations in the world of law, which enables us to offer our clients the most comprehensive services possible.

For this reason, we are particularly pleased to welcome candidates who wish to develop their careers in a challenging and stimulating environment.

Whether you are an established lawyer who wants to move into an in-house position or a freshly qualified lawyer who is looking for the next step, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and explain the benefits of our offer.

The right person for this job will have excellent communication skills and the ability to work well under pressure.

We are seeking a talented, proactive and flexible individual to join our team in Kiel.

Our ideal candidate is a young and energetic person who has a passion for a challenging career in law and who values a positive working atmosphere.

As a member of our team you will be responsible for ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of our legal services, advising and guiding our clients through the entire legal process and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

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