Real Estate Videography – A Powerful Marketing Tool

The owners of the property say they are shocked to learn it is the focus of a police investigation into missing real estate agent Yanfei Bao. She was due to show a buyer through it last Wednesday.

Brooksfield builds English, heritage-style properties. Their 2-bedroom townhouses start at $650,000. Opes Partners recommends them for investors who are willing to pay a premium for a unique design.

Stunning Visuals

The Christchurch property market is bucking the national trend of falling house values but its performance remains “mild compared to Wellington and Auckland”, according to the Real Estate Institute. The market peaked nationally in March this year, but the latest figures show that home prices have dropped by 5% since then.

The latest annual figures by valuation agency QV show that the median house price in Christchurch was $751,105. In the three months to September, the average fell by 2.5%. That was the smallest quarterly fall in a decade.

But the figures show that properties on the higher end of the market continue to perform better than those on the entry-level. Ray White Ferrymead agent Craig Prier said “historically subdued” house prices in the city helped it to buck the national trend. He added that property agencies had been surprised by the numbers attending open homes recently.

QV valuer Olivia Brownie said “quality homes further up the ladder” continued to maintain their value levels. She added that the shortage of labour and building materials had been slowing construction, and that was helping to keep the market stable.

Are you thinking about investing in a Christchurch property? If so, this map will help you find out which suburbs are growing in value fastest. Simply navigate the map and click on a block to see the house prices in that area.

Engaging Storytelling

Real estate photography is a powerful marketing tool, but it’s no longer enough. Potential homebuyers want more than just a static image of the property; they’re looking for an immersive experience that allows them to connect with the space emotionally and envision themselves living there. That’s where real estate videography comes in.

The Christchurch shooting was terrifying not only because of its violence, but also because it was so unmistakably online, and how aware the shooter on the live stream seemed to be of how his act would be viewed by distinct Internet subcultures. It felt like the first-ever Internet-native mass shooting.

Video isn’t just for general marketing anymore; it has a role in every aspect of the real estate industry. It can be used for property listing videos, to bring a sense of excitement to an auction, and to showcase testimonials and unparalleled customer service. With a little bit of help from the right tools, anyone can create professional-looking videos that will make an impact. A professional profile video is an especially great way to introduce yourself and build immediate trust with customers.

Seamless Motion

As a medium that merges stunning visuals and engaging storytelling, real estate videography elevates the way properties are showcased. Potential homebuyers are able to connect with the property and envision themselves living there, leading to more interest and faster decision-making. This makes real estate videography an effective tool for gaining a competitive edge in the local market.

From giant murals and sculptural interventions to night-time projections and immersive installations, the Gallery’s Outer Spaces programme continues to burst into life. New Zealand artist Emily Hartley-Skudder’s disconcertingly perfect paintings are the highlight of Showhome, a new exhibition in the Gallery’s Montreal Street bunker. Meanwhile, Christchurch artist Julia Morison’s evocative post-quake sculptures and liqueurfaction paintings return to our city after their Venice Biennale showing in an outer-city space overlooking the inner-city ‘red zone’.

Gnomes are everywhere in our garden city, but Gregor Kregar has created ones like you’ve never seen them – staunch and shiny, towering over three metres tall. And in the Gallery’s newest offsite space, Seung Yul Oh has filled it to bursting with comically vast balloon sculptures that resemble mazes and Maori stories of water. In a series of paintings on found pages from real estate publications, Katharina Jaeger, Chris Pole and Tim J Veling start with structure and consider what happens when the rules no longer apply.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours offer property buyers a 360-degree view of a site or a property. This allows them to see each room from every angle. They can also move around in a property by clicking on the screen. This can help them understand the layout and if there are any premium features. This is a great way to qualify leads for an inspection. It also allows them to experience a property from the comfort of their home or office.

We use Matterport 3D cameras to create these amazing virtual tours. This is a new and innovative way of capturing a property to show potential buyers. It can be viewed on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. This can be the deciding factor for some potential buyers who don’t have the time to visit properties.

A Virtual Tour is an immersive 3D experience that allows your customers to walk through a property online and engage with the space from their device of choice. It’s a great way to demonstrate a site, allowing your customers to see the size of a room and explore the layout in detail before they commit to a viewing.

A recent study by the University of Auckland business school found that properties that offered virtual reality tours attracted 72.3% more prospective buyers to on-site inspections, compared to those without them. This is a fantastic way to stand out from your competitors and increase your chances of selling. real estate video Christchurch

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