Mushroom Grow Bags

Mushroom grow bags are containers that can be filled with a mixture of substrate and inoculated with mushroom spores or mycelium to cultivate mushrooms. The bag is sterilized and then sown with the mycelium, which grows inside, eventually producing mushrooms that can be harvested.

The best mushroom grow bags are made of autoclavable polypropylene, which is designed to withstand high temperatures. They also feature a.5 micron filter patch that allows air to pass through, but not contaminants like mold spores and bacteria. The filter patch is one of the most important aspects of a good mushroom grow bag, as it allows the mushroom cultures inside to receive fresh air without passing contaminants from outside the bag.

In addition to the filtration patch, the best grow bags for mushrooms have a gusseted shape that prevents them from getting ripped open during sterilization. A simple trick to ensure your bags stay sterile is to slip a tyvek filter in between the gussets on the top of the bag right before loading it into the sterilizer. This will prevent any contamination from room air that naturally draws into the bag during the post-sterilization cool down.

ShroomTek All-In-One Mushroom grow bags are designed by mycologists to simplify mushroom cultivation while maximizing the speed and yield of your harvests. These bags come pre-sterilized and pre-prepared with a layer of sterile grain for mycelium growth, and a layer of sterile coco coir as the ideal fruiting substrate. They also feature a convenient and safe injection port for easy inoculation with spores or liquid culture using a spore or culture syringe. Psilocybin grow bags

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