Modern Interior Doors Florida

Modern Interior Doors Florida

The door is the most important entry point to your home, it sets the first impression of your home style and design. This is why homeowners invest a lot of time and money to choose the right door that will complement their home’s design and functionality. The type of door that homeowners select will have a direct impact on the final cost of the project, with some options costing significantly more than others.

Valusso Design Doors offers a wide range of modern interior doors that are crafted with new materials and designed to add style and function to your home. Many of these doors are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and are manufactured by some of the best door companies in the industry such as JELD-WEN, Masonite, and Sarto.

Solid core medium density fiberboard (MDF) interior doors are popular for their durability and stability, which is especially important in Florida where humidity and salt can damage wood. MDF also offers an advantage over hollow doors in that it is more resistant to warping.

Hollow core doors are cheaper than solid doors, but they allow more sound through and offer less durability in comparison to MDF. They are also more vulnerable to moisture and heat than MDF.

If you want a more traditional look, French doors are an excellent option. These doors open around a vertical axis and feature picturesque glass panes that can add elegance and light to your living space. Modern Interior Doors Florida

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