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Whether you’re looking for an elegant clutch or spacious hobo, these Michael Kors bags are the perfect addition to your closet. With popular styles up to 90% off estimated retail prices, thredUP has you covered!

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The designer brand has a cult following and carries a variety of handbags, watches, shoes, jewelry, and clothing in their collection. Founded in 1981, Michael Kors blends references to classic American sportswear with a sense of glamour and sophistication that’s sure to make your outfit stand out.

How to Identify an Original Michael Kors Bag

To spot an authentic Michael Kors bag, pay close attention to the details. For example, the hardware on a genuine MK bag should feel hefty and slightly rectangular with rounded edges. It should also feature a stamped expanded Michael Kors logo on one side.

Another subtle telltale is the shape of the handle when opening or closing the zip. An authentic MK tote should open with a rigid structure, while the zipper on a fake bag tends to gape wide open.

A perfectly sewn loop on the handle is another sign of an original MK tote. Knock-offs often have the loop stitched in between the leather tab and the tote body, which can make them prone to breaking or snapping.

To find an authentic Michael Kors tote, visit an official retailer near you and get familiar with the brand’s signature details. For example, an original tote should have a lobster clasp that makes it easy to attach keys. michael kors bags sales

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