Men’s Sport Jacket

A sport coat is the least formal men’s jacket style compared to a blazer and suit jacket, so it goes best with jeans or casual trousers. However, since they are typically patterned, the trousers should not closely match the fabric of the jacket to avoid that matching suit look. Generally, a dark brown or black pair of corduroy or flannel trousers works well with most sport coats.

Originally worn by gentlemen for outdoor activities like hunting or hacking, the sports coat has a more rugged appearance than the other two styles of jackets. This is reflected in its use of thicker fabrics, often in patterns like herringbone or houndstooth. It is also less structured than a suit jacket or blazer, with fewer padded and shaped shoulders and no canvas layers.

Sport coats are often tailored in a slim fit with 2 or 3 buttons. They can feature a visible stitching detail, and may have flap pockets to reinforce the jacket’s casual roots. 3-buttoned jackets should only be fastened on the middle button, as this will help to elongate the torso and make you look slimmer.

Depending on the fabric and pattern used, a men’s sport jacket can be dressed up for a more refined look. For example, a wool sports coat in a herringbone or houndstooth pattern is ideal for wearing to work or to a smart-casual event. Pair it with a wool dress shirt and a tie, or simply wear a plain or striped cotton or linen shirt underneath. Sport jacket

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