Make Background White or Even Use Any Background in Ease

Before using an image on website or in printing media we have to optimize it properly in order to make it professional. Any image other than natural photography we may need to think of the background of the image while optimizing it for the web. In case e-commerce web shop we have to ensure neat and clean background of the images. Most of the images have pure white background of the web shop product images. If we are introduced with Adobe Photoshop we can it easily with the help of clipping path or image masking technique.

The first step of making the background pure white is to remove the existing background of an image. We can do it easily with the help of clipping path. It’s also known as deep etching or image clipping. Image clipping is a vector mask technique that creates a selection of the object with the help of Photoshop pen tool. The selection can be done with some other tools like lasso tools, magic wand, quick selection tool etc but in order to get the best quality we have apply hand drawn clipping path with the help of pen tool. You can do it yourself by seeing some tutorial on deep etching. You will also find some effective tutorials in the blog of Clipping Mask Asia.

Image masking or Photoshop masking is another technique applied for extracting an image from the background. We apply image masking on the images that can’t be extracted properly with the help of image clipping. In addition, deep etching is applied only to the images which don’t have and hair or fur. In order to extract hair or fur we have to apply Photoshop masking along with deep etching. This is a more difficult and advanced technique than image clipping.

Moreover, You can apply quick selection techniques to extract the easy image from the background. If the background color is plain and easily distinguishable from the object color quick selection tools will work in this case. Magic tools can a good solution in this case.

However, if you have large quantity of images you make take the assistance of different off-shoring image editing companies. You will find this company online with the help of search engine. There are thousands of companies online who are providing clipping path service at cheap rate that will save your money and time. What you have to do is to be sure of the quality of clipping path service of image masking service before hiring the company for your project. ecommerce product photo editing services

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