M&A Course – A Great Introduction to the M&A Industry

There are many courses out there that offer general skills in finance and accounting but if you’re interested in working in the M&A industry then it’s worth finding one that is specifically geared towards this area. The best M&A courses are based on actual transactions and taught by people who have been involved in the field rather than just lecturing from textbooks. A good course will cover all of the key elements that are specific to M&A including valuing and pricing deals, M&A strategy, negotiating strategies and even restructuring post-acquisition.

The first module covers financial modeling which is an essential part of any M&A deal and the course talks students through each part of the model in detail, a bit more than some of the other courses on this list. It then goes on to look at some of the M&A pitfalls and how to avoid them, again something not covered as much elsewhere.

Finally it looks at the structure of M&A deals from both an accounting and an economic perspective covering issues like earn-outs, structures, dilution analysis and escrow agreements. It also covers the key topics for M&A negotiations including assessing strategic fit, screening candidates, valuation and synergies and the difference between friendly and hostile deals.

This is a great introductory course and would be good for anyone looking to get into the M&A field as it provides all of the basics that are necessary. It’s also a good refresher for experienced M&A professionals and would be a valuable addition to a CFA or FRM exam preparation course. m&a course

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