Learn German in London With an Oxford-Educated Tutor

Learn German in London with an experienced Oxford-educated native tutor with over 20 years of tutoring experience. We teach all ages and levels, from beginner German courses to advanced German lessons for professionals. We prepare students for exams such as GCSE, A-Level, IB, Goethe-Institut and Test DaF, as well as preparing students for professional language use, business, negotiating and interacting in German.

We offer classes at most Common European Framework levels, starting from A1.1 (suitable for complete beginners) and going all the way up to B2+, which offers students a good knowledge of complex grammatical structures and wide-ranging vocabulary. We encourage immersive learning from the very first lesson by getting learners talking in German as much as possible, helping them to overcome their resistance and to build confidence. Using video conferencing, we can also support students living abroad or in the UK who are learning German from home.

With 95 million speakers across Germany, Austria, parts of Northern Italy and Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, German is one of the most widely spoken native languages in the world. It is closely related to English and many English words come from German roots, such as ‘waltz’ and ‘dachshund’.

Bespoke individual German lessons in London are ideal for people wishing to study at a higher level, as it is possible to tailor the curriculum around your needs and goals. These lessons are especially suited to adults who want to learn the language for work or travel purposes. German lessons London

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