Jazz Singer – Ella Fitzgerald

Known for her vast vocal range and distinctive style, Ella Fitzgerald became one of the most famous female jazz singers in history. Her career spanned over half a century and influenced generations of musicians. Her voice and unique interpretations of standards were timeless.

Fitzgerald’s talent was recognized early in her life. She won a contest to sing with Chick Webb’s band at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, and he gave her a full-time job. She quickly became a star with her renditions of nursery rhymes such as “A-Tisket, A-Tasket.” Her vocal range was over 2.5 octaves and she had an extraordinary sense of rhythm and pitch.

The 1940s saw the beginning of bebop music, and Fitzgerald was an early adopter of the style. She became a household name, and her distinctive singing style influenced singers like Louis Armstrong. She married bassist Ray Brown and had a son.

Throughout her long career, Fitzgerald recorded for many different labels including Verve, Atlantic, Capitol and Reprise. She toured the world, often performing two shows a day in cities hundreds of miles apart. A true collaborative soul, she worked with artists such as Count Basie and Frank Sinatra.

In 1956 she began recording for the newly formed Verve Records. The label was owned by jazz impresario Norman Granz, who gave her the opportunity to record a series of songbooks arranged by various composers such as Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hart. These albums were popular with both jazz and non-jazz listeners.

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