IT Support Tiers

The best tech support tools adapt and scale to meet the needs of organizational workflows. They’re also designed to integrate with other technologies without disrupting business operations. This includes support for self-service, where customers can access the technology they need to resolve an issue without contacting IT.

it support is a key component to the success of an organization. The right team of technicians and IT specialists is crucial to a company’s technological functionality and remote work arrangements.Tech support teams help resolve issues with hardware and software that interfere with employee productivity or end-user experience. They also help ensure that vital systems are operational and properly maintained for optimal performance.Typical IT support tiers are as follows:Tier 0 (T0) support gives users the ability to resolve technical problems on their own. This includes self-help options like video tutorials, search functions, FAQs, and blog posts. T0 support professionals also monitor and troubleshoot consumer feedback for potential problems that need to be addressed by a more-experienced tech professional.Tier 1 (T1) support addresses the majority of customer problems by applying basic IT knowledge. This includes resetting passwords, updating operating system software, and providing basic troubleshooting advice. Tier 2 (T2) support fixes about 25% of the remaining issues beyond T1’s capability. This tier contains the most skilled product and service specialists that include network engineers, server specialists, and third-line support engineers. This tier tries to duplicate the problem to identify its root cause and develop a fix.

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