Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

A YouTube Premium subscription offers many advantages over the free version of the video platform, but it can be difficult to determine whether it’s worth it. The service includes YouTube Music, which provides ad-free listening and offline playback (only on mobile). It’s also available with the ad-free version of Google Play Music and can be purchased as an individual plan or bundled together with other services like Netflix, HBO Plus, Disney+, Apple TV+, Spotify and others.

YouTube’s primary monetization method is advertising, but they can be distracting and interrupt a moment of entertainment or learning. YouTube Premium removes all ads, even those displayed in between videos and within the app itself. The service also allows downloads of videos for offline viewing, which is a great feature to have on long airplane flights or other situations where you expect poor mobile data or WiFi connections.

In addition to the extra features, the premium tier offers access to original movies and series from creators including Lilly Singh, Rooster Teeth and more. There are also a variety of playlists and channels that feature popular music. Originally, a YouTube Premium subscription included Google Play Music, but now it’s available separately as the more streamlined YouTube Music service.

The cost of a YouTube Premium subscription can be considered a discretionary expense as part of your lifestyle costs, and it may be worthwhile if the benefits align with your needs and interests. However, it’s important to consider how much you’re already paying for streaming and subscription services as a whole and make sure they fit with your budget before adding another one. يوتيوب بريميوم

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