Increasing YouTube Video Views – Techniques You’ve Never Heard of to Increase YouTube Video Views

Video is an engaging format. You can make people sit and watch it for 20 minutes, but it is very difficult to make people read your article for 20 minutes. According to few media reports, an average American watches over 4 hours of television every day and 70% of online visitors watch videos. 50% of online traffic is coming from videos. So if you are not creating them, you are missing out a large mount of traffic.

Let us look into the YouTube statistics.

a. YouTube has made thousands of people become famous and thereby rich.
b. More than 90,000 videos are uploaded daily on YouTube.
c. It gets more than 2 million clicks daily.
d. On an average, a YouTube visitor spends around 27 minutes watching them daily.

Let us look into few tips you may want to follow while creating videos and promotion strategies.

a. Keep your videos short. 3-4 minutes.
b. While creating the them, make sure that you place a link to your site at the bottom or top.
c. Place your keyword twice in the title.
d. Use different titles to a same video while distributing it to different directories, as this will help your video get ranked for different keywords.

Promotion Strategies:

a. Video responses: Select 10 – 20 popular videos in your category. Go to these pages, scroll down. You will find a “Post video response” option. Click on it and submit your video. This trick alone can lead to thousands of views to your page.

b. Statistics and Data section: In every YouTube video, you will find “statistics and data” section that lists the traffic sources of a particular video along with the number of views. Now, go to each of these sites and upload your videos. If there is no “upload” option, you can send a friendly email to the site webmaster requesting to post your it in their site.

c. Use Tags: Find the most popular videos and see their tags. Use them to your video. Chances are high that you will be listed under the “related videos” category of the popular video. get youtube watch hours

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