How to Use Slido to Break Down Social Barriers With Icebreaker Questions

Whether you’re leading a group of students, sports teams, a company team, or a gathering of colleagues, icebreaker questions are a great way to break down those awkward social barriers that can slow conversations down and make your teammates feel uncomfortable. With the right icebreaker questions, you can get your group talking, sharing and laughing in no time!

You might be familiar with some common icebreakers such as “what is your favorite food,” or “what do you do for fun?” However, there are many other creative icebreaker questions to ask that will give you a glimpse into your teammates’ personalities and experiences. For example, asking your teammates about their childhood memories can be a great way to learn more about them and also get them thinking about things they may have in common with one another.

There are also several icebreaker questions you can use to talk about your professional experience. If your team is having an all-hands meeting, you can use questions like “if you could swap roles with anyone at the company for a day, who would it be?” to help them understand more about what each department does and how they fit in as a whole.

You can even try using some of these questions during a virtual meeting! You can use Slido’s typing indicator feature to see when participants are done with their answers so they know when it is their turn to speak. For a more interactive experience, you can also use our virtual icebreaker question cube to ask random questions! ice breaker questions

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