How to Get Instant Moving Quotes

When you move, you need to be sure that your moving company has an accurate price estimate before they begin work. This is how you prevent paying too much or getting too little service. Many moving companies have online quote calculators where you can enter the number of rooms in your home, your move date, and the estimated weight to get an instant ballpark estimate. However, the best way to get a moving quote is to contact a local mover directly. They can send a representative to your home to do an in-person walkthrough and inventory, so they can accurately assess the volume of goods you’re moving and what that means for the cost.

The number of items you have to move: The more you have to ship, the more expensive the move will be. To reduce costs, try donating, selling or trashing unused items before your move. You can also save money on movers by moving during the week instead of over a weekend.

The size of your home: This is a big factor in how many items you have to move, and in the overall cost. For example, minimalists living in a studio apartment will have fewer belongings than those in a four-bedroom house. The size of your home also influences the quote because it requires a larger truck to transport your items and more time for loading and unloading.

Whether you want additional services: Some moving companies will charge extra for packing, crating, storage, and other add-ons. Other movers will include these costs in their quotes, so that you know exactly what to expect.

Your move date: The day of your move will affect the quote because movers will be busier on weekends and during the summer than at other times. If you can be flexible, you’ll likely get a cheaper moving quote.

Binding vs. nonbinding moving estimates:

When you get a binding moving quote, the moving company is legally required to honor the price on your bill at delivery. If the actual cost ends up being more than what was quoted, the mover must pay you 110% of the difference. A nonbinding moving estimate, on the other hand, is a document that states the mover’s best guess of your total moving costs. It doesn’t require you to sign any contracts that would make the mover honor a specific price at delivery. Instead, you may only have to pay up to 110% of the quoted amount if your items end up being heavier or more than what was originally estimated. Then, you’ll have to wait until the items are delivered and weighed to determine what the final total will be. You’ll then be billed for any remaining amounts. This is the best option for budget-minded movers. instant moving quotes

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