How to Find Work That’s Not For You

Finding work is a top priority for many people. Whether they’re worried about Covid-19, dreading the commute or simply want to switch up their careers, there are plenty of options to consider, according to FlexJobs, which specializes in flexible and remote work. But there are also plenty of jobs out there that may not appeal to workers, whether they don’t have the skills employers say they’re looking for or the pay doesn’t meet their expectations.

For those whose job-hunting efforts are underway, the first step is updating resumes and cover letters to include the latest professional experience. Double-check for grammar and formatting errors, and have another person read them. Tailoring the materials to each job application can help you get past employer screening systems, which use keywords and other criteria to search for and sort candidates.

One of the best ways to find a new job is through networking, online and offline. Reach out to alumni from your school, colleagues and friends who might know about open positions at their companies. You can also ask them to connect you with someone at their company or even for an informational interview, which can be a way for you to learn about the industry and meet someone who might have an opening.

Attending job fairs can be an excellent way to learn about multiple employers at once, and you can usually register in advance on the event’s website or through your job-search app. Many of these events are industry-specific, but some are more general and may feature companies from across a range of sectors. Regardless of which type of job fair you attend, be sure to prepare with business cards and copies of your resume before you head out, and bring extra copies for handing out when you meet representatives.

Signing up with a staffing agency can be helpful, as these firms specialize in connecting job seekers with vacant roles. While they often charge a fee, it can be worth it if you’re having trouble landing an interview on your own. Some job-search apps let you list staffing agencies as your network, making it easier to get in touch with them.

Taking on temporary or freelance work can give you some stability during your job hunt and provide you with some income to cover expenses while you look for a permanent position. Don’t be afraid to try these types of opportunities, as many of them can lead to full-time jobs if you impress the hiring manager enough.

While the current landscape can be discouraging, there are still millions of jobs out there. By being nimble, you can find a job that will be satisfying and rewarding for years to come. And if you’re lucky, you may even find a job that provides some sense of meaning and purpose, which could help ease the stress of finding a new career. Trovare lavoro

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