How to Evaluate a CNC Machining Parts Supplier

The aerospace industry requires cnc machined parts with tight tolerances to meet strict aerospace standards. The $300 billion industry uses CNC machining to manufacture aircraft, satellites, and rockets, among other things. Parts used in harsh environments require a high level of precision to resist corrosion and heat. The scalability and fast turnaround time of CNC machines make them ideal for this demanding industry.

When evaluating a cnc machining parts supplier, look for an investment in the relationship and a focus on building long-term, high-volume partnerships. A partner invested in the relationship will deliver better communication, be more willing to work with you, and give your project priority over other orders. You will also get better prices from a partner that is ready for change orders and committed to providing value added services.

Evaluate the cnc machining parts supplier’s quality assurance capabilities. Look for a robust ISO 9001-compliant established quality management system, and adherence to the IATF 16949 standard, which is designed to be implemented in conjunction with ISO 9001 to support the Continual Improvement of the Quality Management System. Look for a cnc machining parts suppliers with a strong track record of producing consistent, high-quality products.

Assess the cnc machining parts supplier’s manufacturing capacity and warehousing capability to ensure that they can produce your product in a timely fashion. Check whether they have adequate capacity to handle your order volume and can offer flexible lead times based on your needs. Consider whether they have a secure warehouse facility to protect your inventory from damage and theft.

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