How to Create, Build and Host Videos for Maximum Traffic

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. YouTube can be a very valuable source of traffic to your website. And web hosting providers all have their own set of advantages and disadvantages – making each suitable for different aspects of SEO and Inbound marketing with videos. But in order to be effective with your video marketing, a few planning strategies should be considered prior to launching your video marketing campaign.

How should I host my videos for SEO purposes? Is it better to use YouTube or third party web hosting?
In terms or search engine optimization and increasing traffic to your website by building website traffic with a rich snippet and improve your domain’s overall ranking, it is more beneficial for your website to put your videos on YouTube. For more information about utilizing videos for SEO, please refer to our blog post about marketing videos on YouTube.

Getting Started with YouTube
Every week come up with content. Explore what is popular on the Internet today and then create a video that answers questions that people ask. Put your videos on YouTube. You can acquire businesses success only when you can determine what to do with the traffic that you create from your YouTube videos.

Upload videos to YouTube and your videos will help to brand awareness. There are people who will learn about your YouTube channel and come to think that you are the authority in your field. Provide compelling content and present it in a way that is interesting. It will drive traffic to your site.

Strategies for YouTube Videos
If people are examining YouTube and your brand has large amounts of videos, the more traffic you will have. You can create compelling content, continue to pump content into the stream. Put the focus on the content and not the personality. This is helpful because if you eliminate the personality, people do not pay attention to the person. The focus is then transferred to the content instead of the person: are they old, are they young, how do they talk, etc. Show your content in the video, put music in the background and then finish the video with a question. The question at the end of the video prompts people to comment on your video. Engaging comments are very beneficial to your YouTube channel. A discussion will begin among the people that comment on your videos.

Create videos that are original. Do what others would not do and then take it to the extreme. Take your ideas and introduce new techniques.

What makes a good show?
List to your audience. Feedback is crucial. Today we get to see what our viewers do immediately using the Analytics that are built into YouTube. If, for example, you learn that you are losing a lot of visitors within the first few seconds of your audience, you can re-examine your strategies and eliminate the action that is causing visitors to leave. Grab the visitor’s attention at the very beginning. You don’t want to lose your audience, especially if your message is at the very end. For example, elaborate introductions can cause a viewer to move on to something else. Change your format based on YouTube Analytics and watch your viewership grow. Provide an open to establish credibility and authority, but if people have seen that before, give them the option to skip the opening. The goal is to drive traffic to your money site. Annotations are an excellent way to do this. An example is “click here to visit our website” which at that point, you give people to opt-in to your e-mail list.

How do you get your videos to be seen?
Realize early on exactly who your target audience is. For example, if you are marketing to kids, you will have few sales because children are not the ones that make buying decisions. Build and maintain an e-mail list that you can use to introduce new YouTube videos. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel. Do not innovate your e-mail or YouTube subscribers to more than one video a week. Some viewers don’t want to watch a video that is 12-15 minutes long. Segment your lists and invite people to subscribe to topics that only appeal to the viewer. Create a channel and stick to that focus. One minute recipes or business marketing tips, for example, need to be segmented into relevant segments. Don’t commingle topics into your YouTube channels. Put video content on your channel that is relevant and appropriate to the name of the Channel.

Strategies for Planning a YouTube Channel
Site down and map out what you would like to happen with your content online. What is the purpose of you putting content on YouTube? Where do you want your visitors to go? What is the purpose of putting this content on YouTube? Is the purpose to drive traffic to your website or blog or do you just want people to watch your videos. Business leadership strategists believe that by putting out as much useful YouTube video as possible, they can become the “authority” in their field. Their purpose is not to sell products or services, but rather to become a calling card as an authority in their specific field. You need to have a very clear vision of what you want to accomplish. It takes a lot of work and determination and strategy, but in the long run, you can build incredible following using videos on YouTube.

Prepare for a Video to Go Viral
You have to be prepared for the time when the video takes off. You have no idea which of your videos will go viral. When a video does take off and go viral, the real failure is not having your ducks in a row at the very end. There is a tremendous call-to-action and you need to plan for that possibility that your video will indeed go viral. If you do not have the steps in place when people contact you and ask to share your video you need to be prepared. Yes, people can take your video and share it without your knowledge, but some people will contact you and ask permission to help make your video go viral. If people or marketers contact you asking permission to use your video, you need to be prepared with questions such as “do you want a clean copy” or “can you use this copy and please use this header and this reference”. If you do not know to ask, then your window of opportunity has been lost. Prepare your landing page and be get ready to move very quickly because you can never tell when a video can take off. youtube live stream views buy

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