How to Choose a Wedding Videographer

Whether you’re a sucker for rom-coms, a fan of twisty docu-dramas or love the Old Hollywood Classics, your wedding video will become an investment in happy evenings and sweet questions from future generations like “why did Dad wear that weird tie?” Finding a professional that you can work well with is important. Make sure you’re on the same page about how your day will unfold and that they understand your vision for the film.

Ask for a sample of their wedding work and pay attention to the style of their films. A good videographer will have a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from their competitors, so make sure the style they showcase is similar to what you’re looking for in your wedding video.

Find out if they have a backup camera, microphones and lighting equipment in case one of their primary cameras malfunctions. Having a backup ensures that they can still capture your vows, toasts and other key moments of the day without missing anything. Some videographers even offer small lav mics that can be worn by you and your fiance to pick up on the clearest voice possible for your final wedding video.

Find out if they’re willing to collaborate with your photographer throughout the planning process. If you hire a company that offers both photography and videography services, you’ll eliminate the stress of having to find two different vendors, as the team will already be familiar with one another’s working styles and responsibilities. wedding videographer

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