How to Choose a Space Heater

A space heater offers a convenient way to add a burst of heat to your home when the temperature falls or you need extra warmth in one room. Today’s space heaters feature safety features, like an overheat sensor and switches that shut off the device if it tips over or if water comes into contact with the unit. Look for a long power cord that allows you to keep the heater out of children’s reach, and a sturdy handle for easy mobility. You’ll also want to make sure the unit stays at least 3 feet away from combustible materials, such as curtains, and never use it in a workshop or garage where paint, gas cans, or matches might be present.

Space heaters are available in a range of sizes, from small units that fit easily under a desk to larger models that can keep rooms comfortably warm. They can be electric or run on natural gas or propane. Many of them are portable and can be moved from room to room as heating needs change, but some are designed to be recessed in walls or built into a fireplace hearth. Some models use radiant technology to warm the air, while others rely on convection or blower fans to circulate warm air throughout a room. Depending on the model and size, it’s important to follow manufacturer instructions regarding placement for best results. Also, be sure to check periodically to ensure the plug or outlet and faceplate of the heater are not hot, a common sign of overheating.

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