How to Choose a British Male Voiceover

When you choose a voice over artist to represent your brand in a commercial, narrate an explainer video or voice eLearning, it’s important to find one with a tone that resonates and convinces. Whether you’re an ad agency, film studio or post-production house, you want something that draws in the audience and keeps them from hitting mute. A rich, deep voice can convey power and authority, whilst a warm, soothing or even comical one can create trust and empathy.

It’s also important to consider the geographical location of your target audience and what accent they’re used to hearing. For example, if your product is being sold in Wales, it may be best to use a Welsh accent. Similarly, if you’re advertising an ad that appeals to teenagers, you may want to go with a British male voiceover that speaks their language and can use slang or street language to connect with them.

Depending on the purpose of your project, you may need to work with a voice over artist that’s capable of handling various styles. For example, an explainer video for a new health and fitness product may require a more serious tone, whilst a commercial advertising a cologne might benefit from an emotional, emotion-filled tone.

Before hiring a voice over artist, it’s a good idea to request demos from several candidates and carefully compare their work. This will give you a better idea of the talent on offer, their voice, expressions and diction. Once you’ve narrowed down the selection, make sure to discuss the project details and working conditions with the prospective voiceover artists before you decide to hire them.

Paul Berry – UK based British Male Voiceover

Professional British voiceover artist Paul Berry is a broadcast quality vocalist with over 23 years experience in voiceovers for radio, TV, apps, web video, IVR, on hold messages, animation voice over and more. His warm, versatile voice is ideal for commercials, narration and eLearning projects. He’s a highly experienced character voice actor and has provided the voice of Dobby for Warner Bros, the brand voice for Peoples Fibre, the narrator on THIS Morning on ITV and many other characters in video games, film and radio. british male voiceover

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