How to Apply Pc Thermal Paste

Pc Thermal Paste
One of the most critical cogs in your PC build is often overlooked (perhaps because it isn’t as exciting as other components). But without a good, reliable CPU cooler and correct application of thermal paste, your processor can overheat and be permanently damaged.

Thermal paste, also referred to as thermal compound or heat transfer paste, is designed to help transfer heat from your CPU or graphics card processor to the CPU heat sink and away from any other hot-running hardware in your system. It does this by filling in microscopic imperfections between the two surfaces and containing sub-micron sized particles to conduct heat. Available in easy-to-apply syringes or other convenient packaging, premium thermal paste is made from high quality materials like silver and aluminum to efficiently conduct heat.

When you’re preparing to apply new thermal paste, it’s best to start with a clean surface. Use a coffee filter or lint-free cloth and some IPA to remove any residue left behind from previous applications and to prepare the surface for the application of your new paste. Once the surface is ready, it’s time to apply.

There are many different methods for applying thermal paste, but the simplest is to simply dispense a pea-sized drop of thermal paste directly on the middle of your CPU core(s). This will ensure that you have a consistent spread of the material across the surface and that there are no air bubbles trapped.

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