How Telephone Headsets Can Benefit Your Business

Telephone headsets are used by office workers to free their hands so they can use a computer keyboard, consult paperwork and work with co-workers while they are on the phone. This improves productivity and allows employees to talk with customers in a more natural manner. A headset also helps to reduce neck and back discomfort from holding a handset up to their ear for extended periods of time.

Most people think of offices full of telemarketing, insurance brokers and clerical type employees wearing headsets. However, headsets can benefit many types of businesses, including marketing, technology and sales teams.

The most important thing to consider is headset compatibility with your current phone system. Most headset manufacturers interface their equipment to the phones they support and have application engineers that ensure a good fit. This is why we suggest contacting one of our phone systems experts to determine which headsets will work best with your current telephone system.

Many newer telephones use a direct connect cable that plugs into a headset port. The advantage of this is it is less expensive than an amplifier, but it limits your microphone and speaker volume. We recommend using an amplifier if possible to improve sound quality and allow you to remotely answer your phone.

Many users of telephone headsets also take advantage of the fact that they can be wireless and walk around their home or office while on a call. Depending on the model you choose, a wired or wireless headset with noise-canceling capability will allow you to block out up to 75% of distracting background noise which can help you focus more easily on your call. telephone headsets

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