How Socks Are Made at a Sock Factory

A sock factory is a place where sock designers make your custom socks in bulk according to your designs. It’s important to know your manufacturer well, negotiate pricing and payment terms, establish clear communication channels, and request samples or prototypes before committing to a bulk order. This way, you can evaluate the quality and fit of your socks and fix any design flaws before production begins.

A pair of socks is made by winding threads into a long cylindrical shape and knitting them together. Socks can be knitted using a flat machine or a circular machine, depending on the style of the socks and their desired pattern. A flat machine is good for making socks that don’t require seams, while a circular machine is ideal for creating seamless socks that can be worn with bare feet.

After the socks are knitted, they’re rolled into hosiery boards that have been treated with a high temperature of steam to sterilize and disinfect them. This step also helps the socks retain their shape and softness. The hosiery boards are then placed into a stocking setting machine that’s like a big steam oven. The heat and steam heat the socks, which then cools them down.

The cooled socks are then placed into pairs and private labelled with your SKU level information. They’re then ready to be shipped out to retailers across the country or delivered right to your doorstep. In the next article, we’ll visit a small-scale sock factory in North Carolina that uses a completely new technology to improve sock quality and performance. socks factory

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