High Pressure Portable Fire Fighting Pump

If you live in a rural area far from a fire station, or if you own a business with structures like buildings, tunnels, ships, or historic monuments that can be at risk of fire damage, a high pressure portable fire fighting pump is a must-have piece of equipment. It gives you the power to protect your property and save lives, all while waiting for the professionals to arrive on scene.

The best fire fighting pumps will be able to supply water at a rate of up to 160 gallons per minute, with pressures up to 160 bar (or 2,321 psig). This is enough power to spray out fire retardant liquids or even fire-suppressing foam. The pump will also have a discharge port, which is where the hose connects. Most of these ports have a standard thread system, so you can use any hose that has the same threading and is compatible with your pump.

You should also be aware of the different specifications that you may see when looking at a fire fighting pump for sale, such as PSI and GPM. PSI stands for pounds per square inch and indicates how much force the pump is capable of putting out, while GPM refers to the amount of water that the pump can push out at a certain level of pressure.

A high-pressure firefighting pump will be able to spray out more water over longer distances than a lower-pressure model, but it will not be as effective at reaching higher heights or covering large areas of land. This is because higher-pressure models tend to be more powerful, so they can produce a larger volume of water at a greater level of pressure.

Fire fighting pumps are available in a wide variety of sizes, from compact hand-held pumps that can easily fit in your pockets to large trailer mounted units with enough power to cover several acres at once. They can be powered by gas or diesel fuel and come with a variety of accessories to meet your needs. Some fire pumps are even able to be attached to your department’s ATV for remote water transfer and wildfire suppression.

The WICK UltraFlo is a new fire fighting pump designed to offer structural firefighters the power and range they need to fight fires in a wide variety of terrain. It can be used on single-line attacks, ground sweep and monitor applications, as well as for tank filling, and it will work with most existing nozzles. It has a 1.5-inch diameter and can deliver 210 GPM at 50 PSI, which is enough for the firefighting requirements of most rural or urban interface operations.

This firefighting pump is made of heavy duty materials for durability and long service life. It features a marine grade aluminum alloy body, a powder-coated finish to resist corrosion, and a Yanmar L70 7HP diesel engine. It has a suction inlet with 2″ BSP and two 1.5″ discharge outlets for increased efficiency. The pump is also fitted with a ceramic carbon mechanical seal and a robust frame for protection from the elements.

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