German Lessons London

The German language is one of the most widely spoken in the world. Around 100 million people speak it as their mother tongue, and a further 100 million are estimated to speak it in some form. As a result, it’s no surprise that German lessons London are amongst the most popular evening classes on offer from Imperial College London, with learners ranging from students to working professionals and retirees.

The evening classes are taught by experienced and enthusiastic native German teachers, making the most of modern teaching techniques to ensure that your learning progresses as quickly and effectively as possible. The course content is tailored to your needs, whether you want to learn the basics of German in order to travel or settle in Germany, or to improve your ability to communicate with German-speaking colleagues and customers.

Aside from the evening courses, Imperial College also offers beginner and intermediate level German private tuition at a time to suit your schedule. Private lessons can be taken by a single student or in small groups, and are designed to be flexible so that you can learn at your own pace, and focus on the areas where you need most help.

Alternatively, you can take German lessons online with one of our 942 native tutors around the UK on Preply. Our tutors are available at a variety of times to fit your schedule so that you can get started with your lessons right away. German lessons London

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