German Lesson in London

Whether you’re a total beginner or have some experience, there is a German lesson in London for you. These classes are led by native speaking tutors and are tailored to the student. They are fun and engaging and will help you improve your conversational skills, grammar, pronunciation and reading ability.

German evening classes are one of the most popular language courses for adults. This is probably because it’s the language most people want to learn for holiday reasons, to settle in Germany or Austria, do business with companies in Germany and Europe, or just to be able to understand German culture and movies!

Imperial College London’s language centre offers a variety of different ten-week evening courses. They offer a range of levels from complete beginner to proficiency and you can choose to pay for the course by the unit or for the whole module. Their German modules cover all the core language skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. They also include cultural awareness and the opportunity to visit local communities in London.

The Language School London offers German evening classes in their Regent Street campus. They have a wide selection of individual German lessons and also small group classes, with students from all over the world. Their website features a free online placement test to ensure you’re placed in the right class for your language level.

Cactus Language Training has a similar approach with their private German tutoring lessons. They have a number of online placement tests that match you with the most suitable German tutor and you can choose from their range of small groups, individual private lessons or their immersive online German course. German lessons London

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