Funko Pop Pokemon

Many people collect Funko Pops because they are fun and easy to display. They may focus on a single franchise, theme or character, and enjoy the challenge of finding all available figures in their chosen set.

Funko Inc is an American manufacturing company that specialises in creating licensed products from a wide range of popular pop culture related properties. Their stylised vinyl figurines are known as Funko Pops and feature characters from a multitude of genres including leading comic book franchises and horror movies.

The popularity of Pokemon has spawned a number of different Funko Pops. From the lovable Pikachu and Squirtle, to the more mischievous Charizard and its mighty flamethrower, each of these Pokemon can be found in a variety of colours and poses. In addition, there are a number of exclusives and variants to add to your collection, including the silver metallic Bulbasaur from the 25th Anniversary Collection, the fluffy texture of the Pichu figure, and the gleaming purple Jolteon from the Diamond Collection.

Currently, there are four figures in the Pokemon Funko Pop lineup: the adorable Pikachu and his trainer companion Ash, the lovable Bulbasaur, the adorable Squirtle, and the enigmatic Eevee and its multiple evolutions. However, Funko is expanding this lineup to include a number of other figures, including the rare, diamond-glitter Charizard, as well as Mr. Mime, Vulpix, and Mewtwo. funko pop pokemon

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