Five Easy Steps to Getting Started With Diamond Painting Pictures

Painting with diamonds is a fun and unique activity for both kids and adults. It’s perfect for anyone who has a creative flair and wants to create something special without spending a fortune.

It’s also a great way to relieve stress and unwind after a busy day. The pressures of the world can be overwhelming, but a few hours of diamond painting can melt away all that stress and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

Here are five easy steps to getting started with diamond painting pictures:

1. Select the right canvas (check out our blog post about choosing a diamond painting canvas for beginners) and pick your colors.

Make sure the diamonds are the right size and shape for your project. This will ensure you get a perfectly smooth finish on your painting.

2. Check the diamonds for any extra wax or gel.

The diamonds that come with the kit are usually waxed to help them stick together well. If you find any excess wax or gel, remove it with a lint roller or vacuum cleaner before sticking them on the canvas.

3. Apply masking tape to the edges of your canvas.

Masking tape is a great tool for making your diamond painting projects lint free. It is also useful for cutting down on bubbles that might occur when you try to stick the diamonds in place.

4. Start painting from the top and work down.

Using the tips above, you can easily learn how to paint with diamonds and complete your first masterpiece. However, it can be daunting if you have never done this before and are unsure of where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips that can help you to achieve your goal of creating a stunning diamond painting!

5. Clean your canvas after each painting session.

It’s important to clean your canvas before you start painting again because it will prevent the diamonds from getting stuck on each other. This can cause your painting to look messy and not quite like the original picture.

6. Don’t forget to keep some lint rollers or dryer sheets handy for cleaning your canvas after each painting session.

If you use a lint roller, remember not to touch the diamonds directly. This can be dangerous if you accidentally put your hand on the diamonds.

Don’t worry, the diamonds will eventually straighten out on their own. Just be patient and let them take a few minutes to do this.

Alternatively, you can use an old piece of paper to clean the canvas and the diamonds. The lint from the paper will also help to remove any unwanted residues that may have built up during the painting process.

The paper can be purchased at most craft stores. It should be a light-weight, durable paper that will not tear easily and can be used for multiple projects.

Another tip is to remove the clear plastic covering before you paint the diamonds on your canvas. This will make it easier to get an even and flat surface that is easy to paint on. diamond painting bilder

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