Finger Armor Ring – The Unique Medieval Style of Armor Ring Runs Circles Around Competition

I am not 100% sure of the origins of the finger armor ring but, because they are also called medieval ring, Gothic ring or full finger ring they definitely seem to have that air of mystery and intrigue surrounding them. Almost as if you may have one but it kind of lets you own it and when you are wearing it is like you are hugely privileged to do so.

I actually think that it is a privilege to have an armor ring. I have never known a piece of jewelry create such interest when wearing it. Once you establish that ok, it is not quite what you would generally expect from a ring but, that is indeed what it is the barrage of enquiries are endless in a fascinated way. The how and where can you get one being the predominant enquiry for sure.

They seem to have been favoured within the Gothic following for quite some time and it is only fairly recently that they have started to attract a wider following. I definitely think that with some of the worlds top designers bringing out their own unique ranges of styles and designs that, they have been opened up for a whole new audience to appreciate.

With the stunning visual imagery that they effuse, it is no surprise that they really have taken off. Not only that but, being made of either pewter or sterling silver you can get yourself a wicked piece of jewelry that really makes a statement for a surprisingly small outlay. There is a lot of craftsmanship involved in each small master piece; in fact they are very much individual works of art.

Trying to picture what something looks like just from a description can sometimes be a bit difficult and does not necessarily do justice to the item in question. But, imagine a full finger covering which is jointed in 2 or 3 places (depending on the style you choose) and moves with your own joints, starting at the base of your finger up to your second knuckle or just below your nail bed.

Think dragons, medieval knights, fair maidens, jousting, medieval fayres or just plain wow and maybe you might get a bit of an idea of what I am talking about. Think intricate, individual, incredible, rugged, robust, really cool and totally unique, just an amazing thing for sure.

I am absolutely amazed that they have lain pretty much undiscovered for so long but, with the world becoming a much smaller place and with the advent of being able to shop from your own home with access to unlimited stores at the click of a mouse, it is no small wonder that we can now share so much more which is just so awesome. Another fantastic idea for the finger armor ring apart from everyday wear would be to use it as a perfect finishing touch to any fancy dress outfit or even your Halloween costume. Enjoy the attention that wearing one brings; it is a pretty good conversation starter for sure. Birthday earrings

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