Finding the Right Property Management Company For Rental Properties

Renting property can be a great financial investment, but it also requires a lot of time and effort to manage. Dealing with marketing, upkeep, screening applicants, and more can quickly feel like a full-time job. Whether you need help with your day-to-day management or just want to focus on other investments, finding the right company to take care of your rental can make all the difference.

Property managers are always updated on market trends and know how to determine competitive rental rates. This allows them to get your property rented faster and increase the amount of money you are able to generate from the investment.

Tenants have a better experience working with property managers than dealing directly with landlords. This can lead to more positive reviews and a happier occupant that is more likely to pay their rent on time.

RPM NYC provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for residential properties with both tenant placement and daily management services. They start with a free rental analysis that identifies the ideal price for your rental based on comparables and market conditions, followed by tenant placement that includes marketing & showings to find tenants, screening to protect you, and drafting custom leases. Their daily management includes rent & security deposit collection, inspections, maintenance coordination, 24/7 emergency support, bookkeeping, financial reporting, renewals, and eviction services that ensure your property is in compliance with all applicable laws. They can even work with owners who have affordable housing programs with grants, tax credits, and special rules that require specific qualifications for applicants. management company for rental properties

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