Explosion Proof Sanitary Ball Valves

Explosion Proof Sanitary Ball Valves are used in Applications where there is a Process Fluid that is Flammable and the Environment can be Flammable and Harsh. Typically, these are found in Oil, Gas, Paper, Chemical Industries and any Application where there may be Hazardous Dust or Gases present in the Atmosphere.

These explosion-proof sanitary valves are designed to be operated both manually and automatically, with either stainless steel handle or pneumatic actuator. The simplest design consists of the valve body, two flanges with PTFE valve seats, a stem unit, and either a handle or bonnet for manual operation. The flanges are welded to the end of the valve body to prevent deformation and ensure that the PTFE valve seats remain intact for long life. Whether the SBVs are manual or automated, they are water hammer-safe and insensitive to pressure shocks.

Electric actuated 3 way ball valve explosion proof has high safety and reliability, explosion-proof function, simple connection, intelligent design, corrosion resistance, sanitary and low power consumption, making it suitable for use in occasions of flammable and explosive gas, liquid and other media. It can be connected to the pipelines with standard international flanges and is easy to operate and maintain. It can also be controlled remotely to reduce labor costs and avoid risks.

This explosion-proof sanitary valve has a simple structure, quick switching, large circulation capacity, zero leakage, and is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, paper-making, and other industrial automation fields. It is mainly used to cut off or circulate media in pipelines with flammable and explosive gas, liquid, or other materials.

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