Ewarrants and JWI Ewarrants

Ewarrants is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching eWarrants solutions.
Ewarrants is a system that allows courts to digitally manage warrant-related documents, including the issuance of writs of arrest and the processing of criminal process. By facilitating the exchange of these documents between authorized personnel through electronic transmission, this system fosters transparency in legal processes, while also saving court staff valuable time and energy.

JWI eWarrants offers paperless workflows that support the complete warrant lifecycle, from judicial approval and warrant packing to submission to state and NCIC hot files and tracking of warrant rejections. The eWarrants platform provides dashboards and reports for a variety of users, as well as visual indicators to demonstrate CJIS compliance.

The first eWarrants implementation in Kentucky was launched in Jefferson County in January 2008. More than 62 percent of new warrants entered into the system were served within just one year, an astonishing increase compared to less than 10 percent service of paper warrants.

During the course of a year, JWI eWarrants saves police agencies countless hours, and even days, of lost officer work by reducing the unplanned overtime used to process paperwork and file warrants. The total cost of the eWarrants solution is quickly recouped through the savings realized on police overtime costs alone.

InnovateOhio, the technology development agency for Ohio’s judiciary and legislature, worked with AOPC to develop a free statewide system that simplifies the process of uploading warrant and protection order information into PSP’s Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN) and the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC). The eWarrants interface is available to all courts and law enforcement across the state’s 88 counties.

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