Electronic Analytical Balance Price

Analytical balances are extremely sensitive lab instruments designed to detect fine increments of mass. Their high degree of accuracy makes them ideal for use in scientific research, analytical chemistry, and quality control applications where even the smallest variations in weight can have significant effects. This level of precision and accuracy also makes them essential to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

The METTLER TOLEDO ME-T series of analytical laboratory balances provide the right combination of essential functionality and solid performance to meet your routine weighing needs. With a variety of internal calibration options and capacities ranging from 52g to 520g, ME-T offers an array of models that are perfect for every budget.

ME-T balances offer an internal motorized calibration system that eliminates the need for external calibration weights. This option is popular with many ISO auditors as it allows you to maintain the integrity of the calibration throughout its lifecycle. The internal motorized calibration option is available on all ME-T model analytical balances.

Another popular feature of ME-T balances is the built-in MinWeigh function that keeps the weighing display red until it reaches your pre-programmed minimum weight value. This helps reduce errors caused by human error by ensuring the user knows when to stop weighing.

ME-T analytical laboratory balances are built to perform and made to last with a rugged metal base that is corrosion resistant. Their smooth surfaces and round edges simplify cleaning. Integrated quality assurance functions, such as StaticDetect and the StatusLight, help you achieve right-first-time results. electronic analytical balance price

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